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Who Won The Biggest MegaMillions Jackpot In History?

The Lottery world has seen some high jackpots, but none like this year’s PowerBall $1.58 Billion. The only jackpot that ever came close to this amount belongs to the MegaMillions Lottery. The American game, that offers huge jackpots to millions of players twice a week, made it’s highest ever jackpot record when offering $656 Million in April of 2012.

#tbt Remember when The Three Amigos took home part of the record breaking $656 million jackpot in 2012? #peoplewin

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The Lottery game rolled over so many times to reach this amount, after every single draw failed to present a winner. When finally all drawn numbers were matched it was three people who claimed the jackpot.

It’s not rare for people to “join hands” and purchase lottery tickets together. With the stakes being so high, and the prize over $600 million, people want in, and want to purchase as many tickets as they can. However, not everyone can afford to purchase as many lottery tickets as they please, giving people the idea of sharing the tickets, raising the odds of winning, and reducing the costs by sharing them.

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“The Three Amigos”

The three friends, who purchased the winning ticket together, called themselves The Three Amigos, and that was even the name that was printed out on top of the “check” given to them in the official lottery offices of Maryland. Our Three Amigos showed up to collect their prize money accompanied by their financial advisor, who recommended them to “lose” a big portion of the win and choose the cash option over the lifetime payments option. That move reduced their winning amount from $656 million to $158 million. After taxes were paid, the net payout was $105 million. You might think that “losing” all that money due to their cash choice and taxes was a hit for these guys, but just think of the fact that one winning ticket made each of them $35,000,000 richer.

It’s all about the karma!


It was spoken often about the affects of being a good person and winning the lottery. A lot of people were quoted saying that their neighbors who have won the lottery were good simple people. And the case with the three amigos was no different. The three winners of the mega millions biggest draw ever were all workers of the public education system in Maryland, and Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino was quoted saying:

“We are thrilled that three such deserving Marylanders have won this money. It’s gratifying to know that these individuals, who have given so much to the public through the years, have had this wonderful luck. It couldn’t have happened to nicer people.”


60 Tickets were bought, one made them millionaires!


The three amigos were 2 women and 1 man, who purchased 20 tickets each. The youngest of the group, a woman in her 20’s was the one holding all 60 tickets for safekeeping, and was the one to check them when the draw aired on TV.  “I had all 60 tickets spread across my floor,” she said. “Once I realized one was a winner, I called my two friends right away.”


Our three amigos were all working multiple jobs in order to support their families said they will keep their day job, even after winning. As for their future plans, when asked what would they do with their millions, they each replied:

“I’m going to help my children with their college expenses, pay off my house and buy a house for my sister” (Said the man).

“I plan on backpacking through Europe with my brother” (Said one of the women).

“I’m going to go to Italy’s wine country. But most importantly, we’re going to be careful with how the money is spent. I watched coverage of the jackpot win on television all week, just so I could listen to the financial advice the professionals were offering.” (Said the third woman).

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