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Lottery Winners Talk About What Changed In Their Lives After Winning

A lot of people say that if and when they win the lottery their lives will not change all that much. That they will keep their job, maybe work less hours, and still have the same friends and surrounding environment. But that is not what actually happens to lottery winners. In a special project Reader’s Digest online magazine spoke with several lottery winners about their thoughts and actions after winning the lottery, and the answers where enlightening. This is what lottery winners said had changed in their lives after winning the lottery:


1 – A lot of money, seemed like so little

And that fact touched every aspect of their lives. From the clothes they bought to the cars they drove, the more you have the more you don’t give it respect. Having a lot of money at once made them feel like they don’t have enough.


2 – Most of your friends will ask you for money

Or a car. Or help with rent. Or anything. Most of the people around you would feel like they deserve a chunk off your good fortune. Some friends would ask for it nicely, others will assume you will give them money, and some would even justify asking for your money by telling you that you didn’t actually earn it.


3 – People would go deep into your pockets

It’s a bit weird for people to ask others about money, but when it comes to lottery winners everybody feels like it’s ok to ask them what they’ve done with the money, what they plan on buying with it and where do they keep it.

One of the lottery winners said that what she finds most odd is the fact that these people wouldn’t ask a powerful CEO what does he do with his money, although in many cases- he makes more than lottery jackpot winners.


4 – You will need new friends

Even if you do end up discovering you have good friends, that love you for who you are, and not for your money, you would end up finding new people to hangout with, simply because your own friends can’t afford what you can. Lottery winners tend to be more spontaneous and plan bigger and more expensive vacations, and if you want to fly to a week in Hong Kong and stay at a pricy hotel- you would either have to find a rich person to tag along- or sponsor the trip for one of your own friends. And though that’s what you do at first, you might want to stop paying for other people at one point.

5 – You would want to donate

And that is a great thing.
A lot of lottery winners say that the joy of giving and really making a change in other people’s lives made them feel a sense of purpose, or a reason to the fact they had won.
However, if you want to donate $1,000,000 to a charity, you might want to consider donating that amount in chunks, and over time. Charities, much like people, could get a “rush” from the large amount of money and spend it not so wisely, as they would have done if the money came in pieces.


However, no matter what you do with your money, you need to remember to use it wisely. Purchasing a huge villa might be something you can afford now, but you’d have to invest funds in that property every single month, and that might not be worth it for you one of these days. Approx. 70% of all lottery winners lose all their money within the first 5 years of winning.. So make sure you would be one of the 30%.

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