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An 84 Year Old Widow Won $590 Million With The PowerBall

In the year 2013, one Gloria MacKenzie, an 84 year old widow from Florida, became the biggest sole winner in the history of worldwide lotteries. The win of a little over $590 Million was claimed by Gloria 2 weeks after matching all numbers needed in order to become the jackpot winner.

The PowerBall, like most official lottery games, offers the possibility for more than one person to claim the big prize, if more than one ticket matches all of the drawn numbers… However, that wasn’t the case for Gloria who shared this jackpot win with only her son and close family, with 1 winning ticket.

One might think- what was so special about Gloria’s lottery ticket? What made her the biggest PowerBall winner of all times?

Some people believe in karma, or in destiny, and that might as well be what happened here to Gloria. After collecting her prize money with the lump-sum option, and scooping $370.8 Million, Gloria didn’t stick around for reporters’ questions. Her family had picked her up from the lottery office in what looked like an escorted and well guarded procedure. However, she did manage to tell the reporters there who she bought her winning ticket.

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Pure chance

After purchasing 4 tickets already for this draw, Gloria went to one of the official ticket sale points to acquire another one. Due to her old age and the fact that she was alone, a man who stood in line before her- let her pass him and purchase her ticket now, so she wouldn’t have to stand on her feet for too long. Gloria was tired, took the Quick Pick option and paid for her ticket.

Imagine how good that man felt when he allowed an old and pleasant lady to collect her ticket before him so she could go home and rest… But how did he feel when he saw her face on the news as the big winner? If Gloria was not there that day- we have even known that man’s name. The whole world would have known.

Gloria didn’t plan to do much with her money. Already 84 years old at the time of her big win, Gloria is now able to leave a huge legacy to her 4 children and her grandchildren.

From the moment she was announced as the big winner, till the collection date, 60 days passed. Gloria was living in a modest grey duplex, that wasn’t really kept in shape. Her neighbors described her as quiet and secluded. However, they did say that they are happy for her for her winning. Though she never bragged about it or said anything to anyone, one James Hill said to USA Today reporters that her winning “couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. She was always pleasant and smiling.”

So, how did Gloria win the lottery?
If you are looking for lottery winning tips or interested in increasing your chances of winning the lottery, there are two lessons to be learned from Gloria MacKenzie’s story:

  1. Always purchase more than one ticket.
    Gloria already had 4 tickets in hand when she decided to go to the kiosk and get herself a fifth ticket.
  2. Never let a nice old lady pass you on a lottery ticket sale line! (JK)

Gloria’s win of $590 Million made her the third biggest jackpot winner, as the biggest jackpots ever were the Mega Millions $656 Million draw and the PowerBall’s $1.58 Billion draw. However, those two draws lead to 3 winners each, making Gloria the one person who solely won the biggest jackpot prize in the entire world!


People can claim they have cracked the code behind winning the lottery, others will say it’s pure luck, but one thing is for sure- you’ll never be able to win without buying a ticket!

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