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These 5 Tips Can Help You Win The Lottery

The lottery is indeed a game of chance, but when so many people claim that their winnings were due to research and acting in a certain way, you have to assume that there is more to it than just luck.

Right before the PowerBall’s $900 million draw, which rolled over to a staggering $1.58 Billion before 3 winners came through, the media was flooded with former lottery winners interviewing, claiming to have found the system in which one can win the lottery.

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Many lottery winners claimed that lottery is indeed a game of chance, but is also a game of numbers. When playing BlackJack, Poker or even roulette, there are several guidelines and key tips to winning, cause these games might be for chance, luck or risk, but they are also based on numbers. And numbers show a distinct pattern and reason. So, we’ve gathered the main 5 tips to winning the lottery, all based on statistics, math and other advices from previous lottery winners, and here they are:


1 – Avoid quick pick

When you draw with a quick pick, according to many mathematicians and lottery experts, you will always get a different set of numbers, making your odds lower for each certain game.


2 – Use the entire number pool
Most people bet on birth dates, minimizing their possible selection to numbers in the range of 1-31. If you have a ticket that is more unique you could minimize your chances of splitting the prize with other people. Now, no one would mind splitting a $500 million jackpot with a person or two, but when it comes to secondary prizes, like $1,000,000 – that could make a difference.


3 – Stick to your instincts

Find a group of numbers that feels comfortable to you, or more true will be to say- feels lucky to you, and stick with them. If you choose to always play 3 cards or more, make sure to have several number groups that make you feel lucky.

Some people believe that there is a great deal of knowledge that man-kind possesses but never use. That psychic ability is often visible by good instincts and a gut feeling. Use it.

Calling-the-Lotto4 – Research

This tip is actually very simple. Choose a game you’d like to win and follow draw results. Look into past results and make sense of the numbers.

5 – Bet on what you have

It is true that when the jackpots are high you are willing to bet more, but make sure you are not spending too much money in the process. If you want to buy 20 tickets, but can only afford 2, purchase 2. Getting too many tickets to increase your chances of winning the lottery might seem like a good idea, but if you will go into debt- it’s not worth it.  Make sure that you spend an amount of money that you can spend, and play whenever you can.


Playing the lottery is a fun thing to do, as well as imagining what you’ll be doing with your winnings. But like many games of chance, there is the statistical factor, and that is what lottery winners will tell you is their biggest tip to increase your chances of winning the lottery. If you need some more advices, ones that are more detailed, that could help you create an action plan for the upcoming draw, try us out! We have an exclusive offer for you of a FREE copy of our “6 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery” e-book. Simply
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May luck be always at your side!

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