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Official lottery companies will never tell you- but there are things you can do, tips you can use and techniques you can practice in order to increase your odds of winning lottery games!
Lottery is known to be a game of chance, but it can sometimes be a game of probability, math and statistics!

We are “Best Lotto Tips”, and our goal is to make sure more and more people would be aware of the various tips and techniques out there that allows people to significantly increase their chances of winning the lottery!
The media was always fascinated with lottery winners. Former lottery winners were interviewed almost instantly after being announced as winner. Reporters were frequently asking these winners- why them? Wondering if they had a method, if they purchased more than one ticket or if they are frequent players of the game. After going over all of these articles and interviews, we started seeing a pattern between the winners, so we created “6 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery“ e-book and will be happy to provide you with a FREE copy in order to assist you with your lottery winning efforts!tips to win the lottery


You might think that there is no such thing as a tip that could make you match all Mega Millions numbers, or any other draw, but that is not true. It is known that in fortune games, knowing the odds and math will help you be on the winning side! Some people choose to bet on the most winning numbers in a specific draw, others prefer to use online lotto numbers generator. It doesn’t matter what approach you take to your lottery number selection- as long as you are persistent! There are 5 key guidelines when filling out a lottery ticket, and as simple as they are- not many people follow them!
The 5 key points to increase your chances of winning the lottery are:


Avoid the Quick Pick option !
Use numbers from the entire pool and prefer numbers over 31 !
Trust your gut feeling when choosing your numbers !
Research a lottery game before playing it !
And- Never bet more than you have !

If you look at any of these tips and try to think what’s behind it you’d see a whole world of logic behind a game that everyone in the world view as pure luck.

And as they say- knowledge is power!

Imagine yourselves with the power to take control over your life and claim the biggest prize offered in the lottery of your choosing!polaroid3

We Have 120 Million Reasons For You To Play!

It is true that playing the lottery is a fun thing to do. You purchase a ticket with the numbers that makes you feel lucky, and you start to think about what you will do with your winnings! The day of the draw comes, and the family is seated in front of the TV to watch the lotto result as it airs… What will happen if the numbers will all match the numbers you have in your hand?
We can’t give you one reason to play the lottery… We can give you millions of reasons! We can give you 1.58 Billion reasons to play, the same reasons that made more than 650 Million people purchase a ticket to the biggest draw ever known to man, in January of 2016!

Official lottery games give you millions of reasons to play, and we can give you the best way to do it! You don’t even have to leave your house in order to purchase your lottery ticket! Let’s say you want to purchase a Mega Millions ticket and participate in the upcoming draw… You can select your Mega Millions numbers on top of our online ticket and play without ever leaving the house!


The online lottery service we can offer you will make sure you never miss a draw, with our special system that allows you to purchase, in advance, tickets for future draws, all with the same number combination, increasing your chances of winning the lottery!

If you feel like you could use some expert advice before filling out the numbers on your lottery ticket- here’s the best way to get it:

Our book consists of 6 tips on how to win the lottery that will make you change the way you look at a lottery form! Our 6 tips on how to win the lottery will give you the knowledge in order to create an action plan to use when filling out your future lottery tickets.
The 6 tips in hand will raise your chances of winning the lottery, as well as give you a better feeling before each draw- cause now you know what you are doing!

Different approaches match different people, with various personality traits, and we tried to share knowledge in a way that everyone could connect to, and will be able to see themselves winning the jackpot! But let’s think together first…

What would winning the lottery give you?

Winning the lottery is not about the money, but more about the things you will be able to afford yourself with that money! Think about surprising your mother with a new car, helping your sister pay off her student loans or paying your house mortgage with one swift payment! The money would be a guarantee that you and your kids will always get the best medical treatment, for any sorrow that may come upon you.
Winning the lottery will be able to give you, your family and loved ones, the stability they need… And on top of giving your family everything they will EVER need, a lottery win would also allow you to give them what they have always WANTED always DREAMED about!

Imagine taking your family to a spontaneous luxury cruise, or being able to give your wife/daughter every piece of clothing and jewelry they have ever dreamed about having! You could afford the fastest car, the coolest motorcycle, the newest computer and simply the BEST of anything!

Winning the lottery starts with a ticket

It doesn’t matter if you believe that lottery is a game of chance or that there are tips out there that could change your odds of winning lottery games, it all starts with a ticket! You could read all the researches available, and listen to lottery winners and professional giving you tips on winning the lottery- but if you do not purchase a ticket- your chances of winning the lottery are 0% !!

You could take the “Hot Numbers” approach to your lottery efforts. The “Hot Numbers” approach means that you are selecting the most winning lottery numbers for each draw, basing your number selection on past lotto result information.

Most winning lottery numbers for the Mega Millions are:
33 – 19 times
34 – 13 times
35 – 30 times
36 – 18 times

This is just one statistical approach to numbers, and a lot of lottery players bet on these mega millions numbers in their lottery tickets!

Other people choose to go with most popular lottery numbers, like numbers between 1-12. These numbers are more popular than any other set of numbers due to the fact that so many people select numbers that match their birth date, or other significant dates in their lives. So, what are the dates that make you feel lucky? You can take your numbers and bring them to good use with an online lottery form by clicking HERE!
Our goal is to create new millionaires for
every single draw!

“” is doing every possible effort to bring you the best and latest news and tips on winning the lottery! It’s our mission to make sure you’d know what are the most winning lotto numbers for each draw, understand all of our tips on how to win the lottery and play for the mega millions numbers that will match and make you millionaires! On top of our FREE e-book “6 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery”, we also offer you the chance to register now and get all the best deals directly to your email box! We believe that odd of winning lottery games can change and increase if you know the right tips to winning the lotto, and are aware that lotto result pages can give you valuable information to help you win the next draw!

What do you plan on doing with your money?

We like to tell all of our future millionaires to be ready and think about what they will do with their lottery winnings before playing. As most lottery winners fall out of fortune and lose all their money within 5 years of winning. We trust that you will be able to use your jackpot winnings to do good things, support your family and friends, and donate to worthy causes!

May luck be ever on your side!